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Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey

The best clinics in the Czech Republic, especially Prague, use the latest techniques and equipment for IVF treatment. They also employ highly-qualified doctors who trained abroad. If you are looking for the right clinic or fertility doctor who can also speak English in Czech Republic, use an online portal that facilitates medical tourism worldwide. You may choose to search by doctor’s specialization or by country.

Praga Medica - 1st class treatment abroad
Certified IVF specialist with fluent English in Prague, hundreds of satisfied customers, high success rate for affordable price. Listed as embryologist IVF Specialist dental surgeon dentist gynecologist eye surgeon plastic surgeon
Refractive Centre Prague, Ltd.is privately-owned health centre focusing on the surgical treatment of refractive errors of the eyes such as myopia,hyperopia and astigmatism. Listed as eye surgeon
Praga Medica - Eye Surgery
Laser eye surgery incl. ReLEx SMILE and IntraLasik Wavefront, intraocular eye surgery, cataract surgery or lens exchange at a modern eye clinic in Prague, Czech Republic. Listed as eye surgeon eye doctor
Clinic Oberig
Kiev, Ukraine
Clinic "Oberig" - a unique diagnostic and medical complex in the center of Kiev. The clinic is based on the "all in one place" - the whole range of necessary medical services under one Listed as gynecologist eye surgeon dermatologist orthopedist
Clínica Laservisión Madrid
Madrid, Spain
Laservisión is an ophthalmology clinic of reference. Specialized in the most modern technologies for the correction of vision defects, it has the most qualified professionals for each kind of Listed as eye surgeon
Kaunas, Lithuania
Welcome to MedLT, a new form of excellence dedicated to the needs of our clients. We work with highly qualified experts in the field of plastic, orthopedic and heart surgeries, obesity treatment, Listed as dermatologist orthopedist gynecologist eye surgeon plastic surgeon
Kiev, Ukraine
Our laser eye surgery clinic — «British ophthalmology center» unites more than 150 professionals working in Lithuania (Vilnius), Belarus (Minsk, Mogilev, Grodno, etc.) and Ukraine (Kyiv). Throughout Listed as eye surgeon
Xanit International Hospital
Malaga, Spain
VITHAS XANIT INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL IS SPECIALIZED IN MEDICAL TOURISM AND MEDICAL TREATMENTS AND SURGERY ABROAD FOR CROSS-BORDER PATIENTS. At Vithas Xanit International, we take into consideration Listed as eye surgeon plastic surgeon hair transplant surgeon IVF Specialist orthopedist gynecologist
Sanvimed Private Hospital
Zabrze, Poland
The doctors representing “Szpital Zaborze” Sp. z o. o. (limited liability company) are well–qualified specialists who have been working together for many years. After Local Hospital no. 1 in Zabrze Listed as psychologist orthopedist eye surgeon plastic surgeon
Voigt Medica
Kraków, Poland
Voigt Medica Ophthalmology Center specializes in treatment of refractive errors. We pride ourselves on our experienced team of ophthalmologists and optometrists who are responsible for patient Listed as eye surgeon
AdamEye Ltd
Riga, Latvia
At the AdamEye eye center there is available a wide range of ophthalmological consultations. Qualified and experienced ophthalmologists, who are constantly practicing outside Latvia are able to make a Listed as eye surgeon
VISSUM Alicante
Alicante, Spain
VISSUM’s name comes from joining two words: ‘VISION’ and ‘SUM’. To offer the best visual quality for all our patients is the objective of VISSUM and all the professionals who work there. Listed as eye surgeon
Barcelona, Spain
Clínica Corachan is one of the most prestigious private clinics in Barcelona. We combine tradition and modernity, which guarantees maximum attention and personalised treatment. The clinic was founded Listed as plastic surgeon dermatologist dentist orthopedist physiotherapist gynecologist eye surgeon
Ladisten Clinic 
Kiev, Ukraine
Ladisten Clinic provides orthopedic surgery services, post-surgery care and rehabilitation. Ladisten doctors successfully completed more than 1000 operations for patients with severe samples Listed as eye surgeon
Pronay - Castle Laser Eye Surgery Center
Alsópetény, Hungary
Just like fingerprints are unique, so are EYES. We are the only provider in Hungary to offer personalized laser treatment for eyes! Exclusive offer from the Prónay Castle Listed as eye surgeon
Centre De La Vision
Kraków, Poland
Ophthalmology Centre „Centre de la Vision” NZOZ is a modern medical facility located in the heart of Krakow. The centre covers a two-storey area of more than 800 m². On the ground floor there is a Listed as eye surgeon
Bio First Klinika
Kaunas, Lithuania
BIOFIRST - "Future Medicine Today". This is an advanced medical and aesthetic clinic with the latest medical and diagnostic technologies in one place! We believe that a successful future start Listed as psychotherapist eye surgeon orthodontist dermatologist
Latvian American Eye Center ltd
Riga, Latvia
Latvian American Eye Center (LAAC) is the first and unique model of a private eye clinic in the Baltic States based on principles of patient care and state-of-the-art technology famous in the USA to Listed as eye surgeon
Laguna Estetica
Gdynia, Poland
Laguna Estética is the result of many years of work of the Laguna Medical team in the field of aesthetic medicine. For more than 15 years, we have continually expanded our range of medical operations Listed as eye surgeon
Madrid, Poland
At Visiondiez clinics all patients meet the surgeon who will operate on them first-hand. There are no “major” or “alternate” surgeons. The surgery will always be performed by Dr. Casado, who has over Listed as eye surgeon
Vizex Ophthalmology Clinic
Lviv, Ukraine
Vizex is the advanced eye surgery center for the city of Lviv and all surrounding communities in the Western Ukraine. Our clinic specializes in eye surgery, advanced diagnostics, comprehensive Listed as eye surgeon
Centro de Microcirugía Ocular
Granada, Spain
For over 25 years, we have sought to find solutions to all ocular disorders through the expert application of the best treatments. We have a highly specialised and committed medical team, the most Listed as eye surgeon
Zaragoza, Spain
Refractoláser is the first surgical eye clinic in Spain founded by 24 ophthalmologist independent of any conglomerate, which manages and administers its own resources with the only goal of offering Listed as eye surgeon
Instytut Oka
Warsaw, Poland
The Eye Institute is a modern ophthalmological clinic located in Warsaw. We have the state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, which, in hands of experienced ophthalmologists from our Listed as eye surgeon
BLIKPOL Eye Clinic
Sopot, Poland
Each day we are delighted to have a chance to help an extremely diverse array of people with various troubles and illnesses, stories and desires. Be it 9-year-old Julek, who started to lose track of Listed as eye surgeon
Medical Port
Lisbon, Portugal
The top private Hospitals and Clinics in Portugal have teamed up with Medical Port to provide you with the best facilities and teams for your medical experience in Portugal. A clear commitment with Listed as gynecologist eye surgeon plastic surgeon dermatologist IVF Specialist psychologist orthopedist
Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision 
Budapest, Hungary
OPTIMUM Laser Centre for Better Vision is a private ophthalmic institute, having served our patients since 2000. At Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision, we help our patients by improving their Listed as eye surgeon
Fuengirola, Spain
Founded by experienced Finnish ophthalmic surgeons, Sol Eyes is a clinic specializing in ophthalmology and eye surgery. Our premises are first class, and we will treat you with the most advanced Listed as eye surgeon
Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer
Barcelona, Spain
Since 1941, the BARRAQUER OPHTHALMOLOGY CENTRE is a private organization dedicated to research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of eye diseases, providing comprehensive eye care Listed as eye surgeon
Budamedical Kft.
Budapest, Hungary
Budamedical is a healthcare brokerage company dealing with, among other things, patient mediation and the provision of private healthcare services. In addition to the state health system, patients Listed as eye surgeon
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Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey