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Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey

The best clinics in the Czech Republic, especially Prague, use the latest techniques and equipment for IVF treatment. They also employ highly-qualified doctors who trained abroad. If you are looking for the right clinic or fertility doctor who can also speak English in Czech Republic, use an online portal that facilitates medical tourism worldwide. You may choose to search by doctor’s specialization or by country.

Reprofit International s.r.o.
Prestigious international clinic of reproduction medicine. Our professional care has helped over 13 000 clients from more than 90 countries around the world. Listed as gynecologist IVF Specialist
Prague Medical Institute
Prague 2, Czech Republic
We are team of the best plastic surgeons and coordinators that are available 24/7 for you located right in the city centre of the touristically beloved and beautiful Prague. Listed as dental surgeon dentist orthopedist gynecologist plastic surgeon eye doctor IVF Specialist dental hygienist
Sanatorium Helios is the only clinic in Europe to have signed an exclusive licence agreement for IVF technology with the Australian IVF clinic – Genea, World leading fertility. Great advantage. Listed as IVF Specialist
Praga Medica - 1st class treatment abroad
Certified IVF specialist with fluent English in Prague, hundreds of satisfied customers, high success rate for affordable price. Listed as embryologist IVF Specialist dental surgeon dentist gynecologist eye surgeon plastic surgeon
Europe IVF International s.r.o, Fertility Centre
The desire to have a child is one of the basic human needs. The road to the fulfillment of this desire is sometimes hard. Let us be your guide on your journey to parenthood. David Kult, M.D., Listed as gynecologist IVF Specialist
Praha 6, Czech Republic
The most beautiful, modern centre of assisted reproduction situated in Prague.Many years of experience, individual attitude, friendly environment. Listed as embryologist IVF Specialist gynecologist
ISCARE IVF Clinic, Prague
Founded in 1995, ISCARE was one of the first private clinics specialized in reproductive medicine in the Czech Republic. Over 20 years focused on IVF and assisted reproduction. Listed as IVF Specialist
Balance My Hormones
London, United Kingdom
Regain youthful energy. Regulate hormone balance. Access hormone treatments through UK clinics, dispensed by UK pharmacists online. Bespoke treatments for Male TRT, Female HRT with androgens, IGF-1. Listed as IVF Specialist
DaVinci Maganklinika
Budapest, Hungary
The Da Vinci Private Clinic provides personalized, professional and discrete private healthcare services since 2011. Located in the city of Pécs in the Southwest of Hungary, the state-of-the-art glass Listed as dental surgeon orthopedist plastic surgeon eye doctor IVF Specialist
Clínica Alxen
Logroño, Spain
Friendly service and the professionalism of all the staff that makes up the team at our center aiming to offer excellent health care so that all our patients feel well cared for. Clinica Alxen is the Listed as IVF Specialist
Imfer Fertility Institute of Murcia
Murcia, Spain
The Instituto Murciano de Fertilidad (IMFER) was created in 1998 with the aim to solve problems of human sterility with an approach to all the contributing factors. IMFER was created in 1998. Listed as IVF Specialist
Vidas Prime Healthcare
Alicante, Spain
Today, more women in Latin America, Eastern Europe or other parts of the world prefer to plan pregnancy and childbirth in Spain. Listed as IVF Specialist
Zygos Centro Gallego de Reproducción
A Coruña, Spain
ZYGOS is an assisted reproduction centre with a team of renowned experts and scientists to put at your disposal the most advanced techniques in reproductive medicine and all the fertility treatments. Listed as IVF Specialist
Adonis Family
Kyiv, Ukraine
Reproductive Health Clinic ADONIS FAMILY was created in May 2012 in order to offer the most available and qualitative specialized medical care in the field of human reproduction on the basis of Listed as IVF Specialist
Barcelona IVF
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona IVF is a fertility clinic operated by a team of professionals with a broad experience within the field of assisted reproduction and with the objective to offer maximum quality in diagnosis Listed as IVF Specialist
VitroLive Gynaecology and Fertility Clinic
Szczecin, Poland
VitroLive Gynaecology and Fertility Clinic was established in 2007. The clinic is located in Szczecin. The basic services of VitroLive focus on the diagnostics and treatment of infertility. Since 2018 Listed as IVF Specialist
iVF Riga
Rīga, Latvia
Leading specialist in the sphere of infertility treatment Dr. Violeta Fodina, who has 15 years of working experience in the reproductology field with patients from Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Listed as IVF Specialist
Rīga, Latvia
MAMA RIGA Clinic is an accredited medical facility, which is located in Riga, Latvia (Northern Europe) – Vingrotaju street 1. You will find us in a freshly renovated historic building founded in 1881 Listed as IVF Specialist
Instituto de Reproducción CEFER
Barcelona, Spain
The essence of our history is to give life.The history of the Cefer Reproductive Institute is the history of a dream: the hope of helping thousands of people and couples to give birth to a new life. Listed as IVF Specialist
Gražinos Bogdanskienės Fertility Center
Vilnius, Lithuania
Grazinos Bogdanskienes “Fertility Centre” is one of most advanced treatment centres in Baltic countries for male and female infertility. “Fertility Centre” was established in 1997 according to HFEA Listed as IVF Specialist
Xanit International Hospital
Malaga, Spain
VITHAS XANIT INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL IS SPECIALIZED IN MEDICAL TOURISM AND MEDICAL TREATMENTS AND SURGERY ABROAD FOR CROSS-BORDER PATIENTS. At Vithas Xanit International, we take into consideration Listed as eye surgeon plastic surgeon hair transplant surgeon IVF Specialist orthopedist gynecologist
Klaipėda, Lithuania
“Jolsana” medical centre (MC) was founded in 2008. It is the only health care institution in western Lithuania, where consultations, tests and procedures are performed along with all artificial Listed as IVF Specialist
Reproduction Unit Center Gutenberg-Malaga
Malaga, Spain
The Guttenberg Centre Reproduction Unit (URE) is regarded as one of Spain’s top fertility centres with over 30 years of experience. Listed as IVF Specialist
Elite Kliinik
Tartu, Estonia
Clinic Elite was opened in 2001 in a house built to be a comfortable and modern private clinic. Our mission is to provide high quality medical service in a private atmosphere, so the patient stays Listed as IVF Specialist
FERTTY International
Barcelona, Spain
Fertty International is a modern and reliable fertility clinic for those who dream of being parents but cannot do so naturally. Listed as IVF Specialist
Vaisingumo klinika
Vilnius, Lithuania
“Vaisingumo klinika” has been helping people to complete their families since July 2000. At the moment it is the largest fertility clinic in Lithuania which conducts the greatest number of assisted Listed as IVF Specialist
Clinic for Reproductive Medicin - Academician V.I. Gryshchenko
Kharkiv, Ukraine
The founder, organizer, director, inspirer of the clinic “Implant” was the outstanding scientist, brilliant doctor, wonderful leader, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Listed as IVF Specialist
Surgical Center of Coimbra
Coimbra, Portugal
The “Centro Cirúrgico de Coimbra” is a primary health care facility for anyone that seeks premium health care installations and excellent customer service. In this private health care unit, Listed as psychotherapist orthopedist plastic surgeon dermatologist IVF Specialist
Infertility Treatment Centre PARENS
Kraków, Poland
Welcome to the Infertility Treatment Centre PARENS, member of Medical Group PARENS. For many years we have been a place where couples struggling with infertility problems can get professional help. Listed as IVF Specialist
Óvárosi Nőgyógyászati Magánrendelő
Debrecen, Hungary
The Szent Anna Women's OB/GYN and Ultrasound Outpatient Clinic located on 48th Szent Anna utca, in the central district of Debrecen. It is an archaistic, old-style building but well and modern Listed as IVF Specialist
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Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey