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Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey

The best clinics in the Czech Republic, especially Prague, use the latest techniques and equipment for IVF treatment. They also employ highly-qualified doctors who trained abroad. If you are looking for the right clinic or fertility doctor who can also speak English in Czech Republic, use an online portal that facilitates medical tourism worldwide. You may choose to search by doctor’s specialization or by country.

Prague Medical Institute
Prague 2, Czech Republic
We are team of the best plastic surgeons and coordinators that are available 24/7 for you located right in the city centre of the touristically beloved and beautiful Prague. Listed as dental surgeon dentist orthopedist gynecologist plastic surgeon eye doctor IVF Specialist dental hygienist
DaVinci Maganklinika
Budapest, Hungary
The Da Vinci Private Clinic provides personalized, professional and discrete private healthcare services since 2011. Located in the city of Pécs in the Southwest of Hungary, the state-of-the-art glass Listed as dental surgeon orthopedist plastic surgeon eye doctor IVF Specialist
Centrum Medyczne Gizińscy Bydgoszcz
Bydgoszcz, Poland
This clinic is a dream come true that crowns many years of our hard work. With our greatest satisfaction we would like to invite you to visit our Medical Centre. The Gizińscy Medical Centre is a Listed as orthopedist plastic surgeon psychologist
Clinic Oberig
Kiev, Ukraine
Clinic "Oberig" - a unique diagnostic and medical complex in the center of Kiev. The clinic is based on the "all in one place" - the whole range of necessary medical services under one Listed as gynecologist eye surgeon dermatologist orthopedist
Kastélypark Klinika
Tata, Hungary
We have been working on the development of Kastelypark Clilnic since 2003. I must say we have the same goals from the very beginning and we succeeded in establishing the institute I planned based on Listed as orthopedist
AMC Art Medical Center
Szczecin, Poland
This website uses the various information available in the progressive contemporary world of technology to provide valuable information to help you learn about the possibilities of plastic and general Listed as plastic surgeon orthopedist gynecologist
Kaunas, Lithuania
Welcome to MedLT, a new form of excellence dedicated to the needs of our clients. We work with highly qualified experts in the field of plastic, orthopedic and heart surgeries, obesity treatment, Listed as dermatologist orthopedist gynecologist eye surgeon plastic surgeon
Medical centre ARS
Riga, Latvia
Medical Company ARS, by uniting the team of the best Latvian medical practitioners, 28 – year experience and cutting edge technology of premium class, has opened a new branch ARS Diagnostic Clinic. Listed as psychotherapist orthopedist gynecologist dermatologist
Physiotherapy Clinic - Dr. Jose Manuel Barbosa
Portimao, Portugal
A multidisciplinary team in the area of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Physiotherapy with the purpose of providing high quality care. Listed as orthopedist
Xanit International Hospital
Malaga, Spain
VITHAS XANIT INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL IS SPECIALIZED IN MEDICAL TOURISM AND MEDICAL TREATMENTS AND SURGERY ABROAD FOR CROSS-BORDER PATIENTS. At Vithas Xanit International, we take into consideration Listed as eye surgeon plastic surgeon hair transplant surgeon IVF Specialist orthopedist gynecologist
Hospital Clínic Costa Brava
Cosa Brava, Spain
The Costa Brava is a coastal area that seduces anyone who gets to know it, but it is also an area thriving of important trade and cultural activity where our hospital is both a service and Listed as orthopedist
Sanvimed Private Hospital
Zabrze, Poland
The doctors representing “Szpital Zaborze” Sp. z o. o. (limited liability company) are well–qualified specialists who have been working together for many years. After Local Hospital no. 1 in Zabrze Listed as psychologist orthopedist eye surgeon plastic surgeon
Kelen Hospital Ltd.
Budapest, Hungary
Kelen Hospital Ltd. was built as a private investment in Than Károly street 20th, 11th District Budapest. The hospital is a three-storey, 1400 m² building with 15 examination rooms, 2 operating Listed as orthopedist
Surgical Center of Coimbra
Coimbra, Portugal
The “Centro Cirúrgico de Coimbra” is a primary health care facility for anyone that seeks premium health care installations and excellent customer service. In this private health care unit, Listed as psychotherapist orthopedist plastic surgeon dermatologist IVF Specialist
Barcelona, Spain
Clínica Corachan is one of the most prestigious private clinics in Barcelona. We combine tradition and modernity, which guarantees maximum attention and personalised treatment. The clinic was founded Listed as plastic surgeon dermatologist dentist orthopedist physiotherapist gynecologist eye surgeon
Christinas Clinic Health and Beauty
Tallinn, Estonia
With 25 years of experience, Christinas Clinic is an aesthetic and general surgery clinic in Estonia with partners in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland. With a dedicated team and a specially Listed as orthopedist plastic surgeon
SKOPIA Medical Centre
Kraków, Poland
Medical Centre SKOPIA is a modern private clinic providing expert multidisciplinary services in Cracow. (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2008, OHSAS18001). We offer immediate access to our experienced and Listed as gynecologist dermatologist eye doctor psychologist orthopedist
Premium Medical Clinic
Riga, Latvia
PREMIUM MEDICAL is a joint ownership of Latvia’s and Sweden’s entrepreneurs. It has a growth directed long-term development strategy in its niche and a stable regular clientele. Listed as orthopedist plastic surgeon
AIWA Clinic Riga
Riga, Latvia
Aiwa Clinic is designed following the conception of the best medical institutions in Europe. Our patients can feel at home in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and stay in hotel-type overnight rooms. Listed as orthopedist
Policlinica Alen
Malaga, Spain
Policlinica Alen has been providing patient care since 2002 and as a result of this wealth of experience has come to understand all too well patient needs. It is therefore launching its own Listed as orthopedist
HM Hospitales
Madrid, Spain
HM Hospitales is the leading Hospital Group in Madrid, covering all medical and surgical specialties, with 6 General Hospitals and 3 Comprehensive Centres super-specialised in Listed as orthopedist
Baltic Health Tourism
Riga, Latvia
Health tourism in Latvia has been popular from the beginning of the 19th century, as the country offers a long Baltic coastline, mild summer weather, and modern clinics and Spas. Today it is one of Listed as dermatologist IVF Specialist dentist orthopedist plastic surgeon
Lisbon, Portugal
Founded in 1998, Fisiogaspar is a clinic closely linked to physiotherapy and sport. Its first location, in Benfica, had an area of only 90 m². Over the next 3 years, the project gained new land and Listed as orthopedist
Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
The private health care offer of Caldas da Rainha did not possess any space with these characteristics. After years of professional exercise this space was conceived naturally, where you clearly Listed as orthopedist
Hospital Sanitas CIMA
Barcelona, Spain
Hospital CIMA has Joint Commission International quality accreditation, the strictest and most widely recognised quality seal in the world. This is allowing Hospital Sanitas CIMA to attract Listed as orthopedist
Carolina Medical Center
Warszawa, Poland
Since the inception of the clinic in 1998, we have been doing our best to deliver the medical services of the highest standard and for our patient to get better in the atmosphere of trust and safety. Listed as orthopedist
Medical Solutions Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Medical Solutions Barcelona will provide you with free no–obligation advice on the medical treatment you need. You will be personally taken care of by a qualified team, in your own language. Listed as orthopedist
Kiev, Ukraine
Flexis main clinics specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with rheumatologic, neurological and trauma injuries of the musculoskeletal system. We have created a comprehensive and Listed as orthopedist
Nordorthopaedics clinic
Vilnius, Lithuania
We work with the leading surgeons in the field of orthopaedics who have over 20 years of experience and are committed to the highest standards with the focus on achieving the best possible results Listed as orthopedist
EuroMedic Hospital
Katowice, Poland
The origin of Euromedic was One Day Clinics where procedures in the field of vascular surgery and ophthalmology were performer (1995-2002). The next step in the dynamic development was the creation of Listed as orthopedist plastic surgeon dermatologist eye doctor
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Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey