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Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey | GlobeDoctor.com
Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey

The best clinics in the Czech Republic, especially Prague, use the latest techniques and equipment for IVF treatment. They also employ highly-qualified doctors who trained abroad. If you are looking for the right clinic or fertility doctor who can also speak English in Czech Republic, use an online portal that facilitates medical tourism worldwide. You may choose to search by doctor’s specialization or by country.

Alquiler Consultas Medicas
Alquilamos despachos LOW COST a profesionales de la salud. Listed as dentist pediatrician psychotherapist
HNEDTED.CZ a.s. - psychotherapeutic center
Stará Boleslav, Czech Republic
Psychotherapeutic center with intensive cognitive behavioural therapy for treatment of addiction, anxiety and other related problems. Listed as psychologist psychotherapist
Mgr. Ján Záskalan - psychotherapy, psychology
Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Psychotherapist, marital counselor and psychotherapy trainer for the Slovak Institute of cognitive and behavioral therapy. English speaking psychotherapist in Slovakia. Listed as psychotherapist psychologist
Medical centre ARS
Riga, Latvia
Medical Company ARS, by uniting the team of the best Latvian medical practitioners, 28 – year experience and cutting edge technology of premium class, has opened a new branch ARS Diagnostic Clinic. Listed as psychotherapist orthopedist gynecologist dermatologist
Surgical Center of Coimbra
Coimbra, Portugal
The “Centro Cirúrgico de Coimbra” is a primary health care facility for anyone that seeks premium health care installations and excellent customer service. In this private health care unit, Listed as psychotherapist orthopedist plastic surgeon dermatologist IVF Specialist
Bio First Klinika
Kaunas, Lithuania
BIOFIRST - "Future Medicine Today". This is an advanced medical and aesthetic clinic with the latest medical and diagnostic technologies in one place! We believe that a successful future start Listed as psychotherapist eye surgeon orthodontist dermatologist
Hospital de Loulé
Loulé, Portugal
The Hospital de Loulé, formerly Hospital da Misericórdia, underwent a profound restructuring process to transform it into a modern Health Unit. With a clinical staff of highly esteemed professionals, Listed as dentist psychotherapist psychologist orthopedist gynecologist plastic surgeon dermatologist eye doctor
Riga 1st Hospital
Rīga, Latvia
Riga 1st hospital is the oldest hospital in Latvia founded in 1803 under the personal edict of the emperor Alexander I, for two hundred years it has been acknowledged as a top-priority inpatient Listed as dentist psychotherapist gynecologist dermatologist eye doctor
GK Klinika
Vilnius, Lithuania
GK Clinic offers the most progressive world-level achievements of medicine, laser and biotechnologies. Our long-lived experience in application of the most modern technologies and our devotion in Listed as psychotherapist gynecologist orthodontist plastic surgeon
Grupo HPA Soude
PORTIMÃO, Portugal
Inaugurated in 1996 in Alvor, close to Praia da Rocha, the Hospital Particular do Algarve has modern facilities, is well equipped and technologically advanced, providing a health asset, both Listed as psychotherapist orthopedist gynecologist eye surgeon plastic surgeon dermatologist IVF Specialist
Dr. Marron Clinics
Szeged, Magyarország
Listed as
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Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey