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Clinic Oberig
Kiev, Ukraine
Clinic "Oberig" - a unique diagnostic and medical complex in the center of Kiev. The clinic is based on the "all in one place" - the whole range of necessary medical services under one Listed as gynecologist eye surgeon dermatologist orthopedist
Kiev, Ukraine
Our laser eye surgery clinic — «British ophthalmology center» unites more than 150 professionals working in Lithuania (Vilnius), Belarus (Minsk, Mogilev, Grodno, etc.) and Ukraine (Kyiv). Throughout Listed as eye surgeon
Ladisten Clinic 
Kiev, Ukraine
Ladisten Clinic provides orthopedic surgery services, post-surgery care and rehabilitation. Ladisten doctors successfully completed more than 1000 operations for patients with severe samples Listed as eye surgeon
Vizex Ophthalmology Clinic
Lviv, Ukraine
Vizex is the advanced eye surgery center for the city of Lviv and all surrounding communities in the Western Ukraine. Our clinic specializes in eye surgery, advanced diagnostics, comprehensive Listed as eye surgeon
Medical Center outpatient ophthalmic surgery OKO
Kharkov, Ukraine
Specialized clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases of patients of all ages. We are working, to provide you with the best in modern ophthalmology, help you see the world in all its Listed as eye surgeon
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