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Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey | GlobeDoctor.com
Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey

The best clinics in the Czech Republic, especially Prague, use the latest techniques and equipment for IVF treatment. They also employ highly-qualified doctors who trained abroad. If you are looking for the right clinic or fertility doctor who can also speak English in Czech Republic, use an online portal that facilitates medical tourism worldwide. You may choose to search by doctor’s specialization or by country.

Xanit International Hospital
Malaga, Spain
VITHAS XANIT INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL IS SPECIALIZED IN MEDICAL TOURISM AND MEDICAL TREATMENTS AND SURGERY ABROAD FOR CROSS-BORDER PATIENTS. At Vithas Xanit International, we take into consideration Listed as eye surgeon plastic surgeon hair transplant surgeon IVF Specialist orthopedist gynecologist
Hospital Clínic Costa Brava
Cosa Brava, Spain
The Costa Brava is a coastal area that seduces anyone who gets to know it, but it is also an area thriving of important trade and cultural activity where our hospital is both a service and Listed as orthopedist
Barcelona, Spain
Clínica Corachan is one of the most prestigious private clinics in Barcelona. We combine tradition and modernity, which guarantees maximum attention and personalised treatment. The clinic was founded Listed as plastic surgeon dermatologist dentist orthopedist physiotherapist gynecologist eye surgeon
Policlinica Alen
Malaga, Spain
Policlinica Alen has been providing patient care since 2002 and as a result of this wealth of experience has come to understand all too well patient needs. It is therefore launching its own Listed as orthopedist
HM Hospitales
Madrid, Spain
HM Hospitales is the leading Hospital Group in Madrid, covering all medical and surgical specialties, with 6 General Hospitals and 3 Comprehensive Centres super-specialised in Listed as orthopedist
Hospital Sanitas CIMA
Barcelona, Spain
Hospital CIMA has Joint Commission International quality accreditation, the strictest and most widely recognised quality seal in the world. This is allowing Hospital Sanitas CIMA to attract Listed as orthopedist
Medical Solutions Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Medical Solutions Barcelona will provide you with free no–obligation advice on the medical treatment you need. You will be personally taken care of by a qualified team, in your own language. Listed as orthopedist
Prim Group
Móstoles, Spain
Prim Group is a leader in hospital and orthopaedic supplies and materials for physiotherapy, thalassotherapy, thermal therapy, rehabilitation, geriatrics, as well as daily living aids. Listed as orthopedist plastic surgeon
Medical Care Spain
Alicante, Spain
Medical Care Spain is a comprehensive healthcare service run by a highly qualified and experienced professional team that helps patients to find and organise the exact medical treatment they need, Listed as plastic surgeon IVF Specialist orthopedist eye surgeon
Dr. Gilete Spine Center
Barcelona, Spain
Dr. Gilete and his team provide medical consultancy and decision-making guidance for incoming patients in need of International Health Care in Barcelona (Spain) and are specialized in innovative Listed as orthopedist
Clinica Sandalf
Malaga, Spain
Clínica SANDALF, founded in 2000 and fully licensed, is a well established private outpatient medical clinic for orthopaedic surgery, trauma surgery, sports injuries, ophthalmology (eye specialist), Listed as orthopedist eye surgeon
Hospital Internacional Medimar
Alicante, Spain
Vithas Alicante consists of two hospitals located in the city of Alicante: Vithas Medimar Internacional Hospital and Vithas Perpetuo Internacional Hospital. There is also a dialysis centre Listed as orthopedist
Policlínica Ntra. Sra. del Rosario
Ibiza, Spain
The Policlinica Nuestra Señora del Rosario was created in ibiza in the year 1969 and its founder was Dr. D. Julián Vilás Ferrer (1930-2012). Don Julián was born in ibiza in 1930 and he studied Listed as orthopedist gynecologist plastic surgeon dermatologist eye doctor
Foot and Sports Clinic Marbella
Marbella, Spain
The Foot and Sports Clinic is a private orthopedic clinic in the centre of Marbella which offers patients remedial and surgical treatment of the highest quality. The cornerstones of optimal treatment Listed as orthopedist
Clinica Juaneda
Lleida, Spain
More than 50 centers and hospitals at your disposal close to you. The latest technology offering the best treatments. All the specialties at your fingertips. Listed as eye surgeon plastic surgeon IVF Specialist orthopedist
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Plastic Surgery Istanbul| Turkey