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DaVinci Maganklinika
Budapest, Hungary
The Da Vinci Private Clinic provides personalized, professional and discrete private healthcare services since 2011. Located in the city of Pécs in the Southwest of Hungary, the state-of-the-art glass Listed as dental surgeon orthopedist plastic surgeon eye doctor IVF Specialist
Óvárosi Nőgyógyászati Magánrendelő
Debrecen, Hungary
The Szent Anna Women's OB/GYN and Ultrasound Outpatient Clinic located on 48th Szent Anna utca, in the central district of Debrecen. It is an archaistic, old-style building but well and modern Listed as IVF Specialist
Reprosys Fertility Center
Budapest, Hungary
The number of childless couples has increased steadily in the past decades, among others, due to the continuous latening of the age, when women undertake pregnancy, and also due to the gradual decay Listed as IVF Specialist
Kaali Institute
Budapest, Hungary
We are very proud that two Hungarian Presidents, a Medical University, and the American Hungarian Foundation have recognized our successful clinical and research work and professionalism. In fact, we Listed as IVF Specialist
Róbert Károly Magánkórház
Budapest, Magyarország
Listed as
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