Is it safe to have medical data stored in a blockchain technology?

Lately, the information about bitcoins and cryptocurrency has been all over the news. However, not many articles actually mention other, no less interesting, projects that embrace the blockchain technology. Healthcare is yet another field that can benefit from it and namely a Medical chain start up makes full use of it. The new technology Medicalchain brings in a way of simplifying the medical data storage. The online platform that uses the bottom up approach, currently tested as a prototype in several hospitals in the UK, is to safely store and share patient health data on a global scale. Medical chain allows patient to have access and control over their medical data as well as provides access to various other users.

What is the goal of Medicalchain?

The ultimate goal is for the patient to be in charge of their health data. Medicalchain aims to empower the patient with the accessibility of data and information that will be available on request to the doctor and therefore the patient will be able to make more informed decisions. Storing the patient medical data online would essentially bring clarity and a single version of truth of patient´s records.

What happens to the patient health records?

Medicalchain uses a blockchain technology that ensures the health records will be kept transparently. In another words, Medicalchain will work as a secure and centralised unique version of truth of patient health data, accessible only to the ones who request and gain access.

Who exactly will be able to access the stored patients health records?

The blockchain technology ensures that every change and every transaction will be recorded and kept as well as the patients privacy respected. All the information will be available to those in charge only when requested. It is up to the patient whether to share the personal medical data with individual doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, health insurers or even scientists. However, the accessibility of data could be alternated in case of emergency.

Is it safe to have medical data stored in a blockchain technology?

Hacking and misusing online data is unfortunately common nowadays. If the patient´s data are kept on a centralised system, there is a risk of an unpermitted access from an outside source. At the moment, it is actually being said that the patient medical data is said to be 10 times more worth than a credit card number on the black market and so the privacy is at risk. However, the blockchain technology works its best to eliminate those risks.

What is the future of Medicalchain?

The main aim of Medicalchain technology ecosystem is to improve healthcare to those who need it most – the patients. Medicalchain aspires to put the patient care and user focus before the profits by placing the patient in the centre of the digital transformation.

Besides all the previously mentioned visions, Medicalchain also aims to develop user focused application on top the the blockchain technology. Moreover, medical chain plans to connect the researchers with the patients who are willing to share the medical data to advance the medical research in exchange for med tokens.