Vision Correction: A Few Important Tips to Minimise the Eye Surgery Recovery Time

Whether you have undergone a cataract removal surgery, a refractive surgery, or any kind of eye surgery, there are general measures that you can do to help minimise recovery time. These are the tips to promote a speedy recovery:

  1. Administer the prescribed medication.

If your doctor has prescribed you with lubricated eye drops as a part of your post-operation plan, it is a must that you use them as advised by your doctor. These eye drops are needed for the healing process, and they can alleviate any dryness or discomfort. Before you apply the eye drops, you should wash your hands first in order to minimise the risk for infection. The amount of eye drop that will be used varies for each individual because some patients are able to heal faster than others.

  1. Refrain from playing sports or doing other straining activities.

You will be asked to avoid contact sports or even swimming for the first few weeks after the surgery. Participating in contact sports puts you at risk of being hit in the eyes, which can adversely affect your recovery.

  1. Keep your hands off your eyes.

You might feel a burning or itching sensation, but whatever happens, do not touch your eyes. You might have to take extra preventive measures to be able to do this, since it is a natural tendency to rub or scratch eyes. If you cannot take the pain or discomfort anymore, the wisest thing to do is to see your doctor and ask for a prescription that can address the problem.

  1. Wear eye protection.

After the surgery, your eyes might be extremely sensitive to sunlight. To protect your eyes, you may wear dark sunglasses even indoors. Doing so would help your eyes heal faster.

  1. Have a check-up regularly.

After the surgery, it would be best to visit your doctor regularly for several months. That way, your doctor can track your progress and prescribe you with any necessary medication.

If you’re still looking for a doctor or a hospital to do your surgery, you can check with an online multilingual portal that can show you different medical facilities worldwide. This is the best way to search by country and find a doctor who speaks your preferred language.